Member application!

HYPER is looking for some new members for the gyarusa, because we love meeting and getting closer to new people who love the Gyaru style! We won't create a second gen like the traditional japanese gyarusa's but become one equal group ^^
There are no leaders in HYPER, we take the decisions with all members, so everyone has input!
What to do to become a HYPER gal? Truth be told it will be easier to get into the circle when you know one or a few of the members or are friends with them, because that is how we started, as a group of friends sharing the love for gyaru fashion!
If you dont know any of the members, try to get in contact by talking to them on their blog, adding them on facebook or most preferably, join the dutch gyaru forum and attend some of the meetings hosted there!
We ofcourse would love to meet you, and after meeting you for one or a more time, we will discuss with the group if you can become a member of HYPER! We are a little cautious about immediatly adding new members because this has gone a bit wrong in the past, and we want to stay a group of friends along the way!
There are a few rules in order to apply for membership;

1 // Most important rule; you must have a passion for the gyaru style and be active within the style and ofcourse, wear it yourself. We are a gyaru circle after all. And dont worry about not being full gyaru yet, a lot of our members are also still improving and glad to help other members out!
2 // You must be 16 years or older.
3 // You must live in the Netherlands or be very willing to travel a lot to meetings and stuff.
4 // You must attend meetings as often as you can and be willing to organize some yourself.
5 // You can only be in one gyaru circle at a time, we believe in loyalty and commitment towards the circle, that is a very important thing for us.
6 // Please refrain from drama, especially drama communities, no biggie if you lurk around on those, everyone does. But Dont run off and start dramas, and try not to get too caught up into it.
7 // Always be willing to take and give advice from/ towards other members, as said before we are always trying to improve our style and circle!

If you feel like joining, please send this questionlist to

Name //
Age //
Gyaru style // (dont worry about having your own style, even though a lot of our members deeply appreciate styles such as koakuma and agejo, it is not a limitation for the circle!)
Motivation //
How do you know HYPER //
Picture //
Site// (such as blog or facebook)

We would love to meet you and possibly recruit you as a new member! If people apply we could make a meeting especially for you ! :)

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