HYPER has been nominated in the Gaijin Gyaru Awards! Both the circle and some of it's members have been nominated this year, which we greatly appreciate!

HYPER is nominated in the following categories;
Current most stylish circle
Current most devoted circle

Some of our members have been nominated in the following categories!
Best overall Make-up // Rox
Biggest Hair // Charlotte
Best Hair Styles // Rox
Best use of hair accesoires // Charlotte + Rox
Sweetest Gal // Charlotte

We want to thank everybody for nominating us, and we hope you would also like to vote for us! Please vote at this link http://www.esurveyspro.com/App/Polls/DirectPoll.aspx?id=11423 The voting ends at the 25th of february!

Lots of love~ HYPER

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