SAVE THE DATE: International Gyaru Summer Meet

Hello Gals and Guys!

It's that time of the year again where the preparations for the International Gyaru summer meet in the Netherlands are starting to take place! The gals from HYPER want to welcome everyone to our humble little country to celebrate Gyaruism together in peace and harmony!

Here is the plan!


For this day the definite plan will come as soon as possible! We are currently looking for a venue to party together! This will most likely be in Utrecht where we will stay from midday till late in the evening. We are arranging catering service and a cocktail shaker. We are paying for the venue but will ask about 10 euro for the food, and you will get 2 drink coupons from us! After that you can either buy cocktails (which will be around 2/3 euros a drink) or bring your own booze if that suits you better! We arranged a DJ for partying and we will host a giveaway bingo and we're trying to arrange some sort of karaoke set! This is the draft for the day, and when the venue is picked it will be set in stone!


Sunday will be a day for picnicking! We will go to one of the parks in Utrecht where we will host a picknick like we did last year. Which means that other streetstyles than Gyaru are also welcome! Gyaru, Lolita, Mori etc. etc. Last year was such a huge succes that we just wanted to do it again! Bring your food and your picknick blanket and lets have a great time! The park will be decided later one, but we will all meet at Utrecht central station at 14:00.
This plan will change if it'll rain on this day but this will be decided closer to the date.

Where: Utrecht Central Station
When: 14:00

We would like to gather as much gals and guys as possible and we hope you are as excited as we are! If there are any questions let us know! See you then!

With love, HYPER!

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Looks great!

Danica Stark zei

I hope I will be able to go so that I can take photos

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